We are leaders in the country and in the field, educating top professionals in the areas of Economics, Management Control and Business and Management.


The School of Economics and Business was the first school of its kind founded in the country. Since its creation, in 1934, great businessmen (that have been part of the country’s development) have studied here, along with the majority of Chile’s ministers and government officials, including two Former Presidents of the Country; Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Ricardo Lagos. Additionally, four Secretaries of the Treasury (Sergio Molina, Luis Escobar, Manuel Marfán and Nicolás Eyzaguirre), five Presidents of the Central Bank (Carlos Massad, Alfonso Inostroza, Álvaro Bardón, Roberto Zhaler and Vittorio Corbo) and outstanding businessmen and entrepreneurs (Jorge Awad, Hans Eben, Bernardo Matte, Álvaro Saieh, Roberto de Andraca, Andrés Concha, among others) are graduates of this School.


Our real Hallmark are all the above mentioned joined with our tradition, prestige, modernity, global vision and our alumni network.