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Our Graduate’s network is one of the most important networks in the country, with more than 8,000 members, making it one of the most significant networks and ways of networking in Chile.


Ministers of State, great professionals, from both the public and private sectors, working in the most important companies in the country; as well as entrepreneurs and innovative businessmen, have all graduated from these classrooms. Today they are part of our School and our best reference for future generations.


The associations of which our graduates are members are Red-ICU, for Commercial Engineers, and Círculo-ICAU, for Information Engineers and Accountants/Auditors.


If you are a graduate from this School, we invite you to join these existing Alumni Associations. Here you will have the opportunity to meet up with your former classmates, access its multiple benefits and stay in touch with your School.


Any comments and consults, write to egresados@fen.uchile.cl.