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Our School is closely connected to its network of some of the most important graduates from Commercial Engineering, Information Technology and Management Control, not only because of the range of companies where they work, but also because of the outstanding positions that the hold inside their companies.


Our goal is to maintain the connection with those professionals that have been part of our School and to generate a powerful support network in order to create internships and job opportunities for our students and new professionals about to join the employment market. At the same time we aim to provide the means by which those who wish to pay back something of what they received to the School can do so. We do this by collecting donations intended to finance Scholarships for students and professors, and to support the development of our technological and physical infrastructure.


The School also maintains a close relationship with companies in both public and private sectors through research and consultancies in its different Academic Department areas of specialization (marketing, strategy, negotiation, labor economics, education, macroeconomics and finance, among others).


Finally, at the urgent request of our students and professionals, Nexolaboral, a new office in charge of link and coordinate the companies’ needs with our students and professionals’ requirements, was established.